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Clonable takes the translation process completely out of your hands. New pages are translated immediately.


You can set up the first international version of your site in as little as 5 minutes with Clonable.

Easy customization

With Clonable, you can easily customize your translated website to go the extra mile.

Our most-valued features

Identical versions

Clonable Incorporates changes on your original website automatically. Without delay. So the content of your clone is always up to date with your original site. And all without you having to do anything yourself.

Simple editor

Easily customize the automatic translations to your needs. Replace keywords with synonyms for SEO optimization or place personalized content on your clone for your international visitors.

Keep working as you are used to

Visitor interactions such as form submissions or orders placed still come in on the management interface of your original site. This allows you to conquer other markets without having to adjust your day-to-day operations.

And much more...

Complete the experience for international visitors with our comprehensive feature set:

  • URL translations
  • Excluding words from translation
  • Search & replace
  • Search Engine
  • And even more...

Many satisfied customers have gone before you

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PSV Logo
"English-language news about the club is becoming more and more important. And this works so much more efficiently. We don't have to build three websites in different languages now."

Jörgen van der Meulen

Digital media coordinator

Field hockey es logo
"Because of Clonable, we now sell our field hockey equipment in other countries without spending much time and effort. I can recommend Clonable to anyone."

Tim Bevers

Owner 't Hoen Sport

Plotter store logo
"Thanks to Clonable, my online store in Plotters has crossed another border. From now on, I will have orders from Belgium added without difficulty."


Owner Plotter Shop

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start Clonable?

You can start Clonable as soon as you create an account. You can here create your account immediately. After you have created your account, you will immediately get access to the Clonable dashboard. In the dashboard, you can immediately start creating a clone.

Can I really try Clonable for free?

Yes, you can create a clone of your website completely free of charge and without obligation and try Clonable for 14 days. During the trial period, only a limited number of pages will be translated.

Will my translated site be indexed by search engines?

Your translated website will not be indexed until you choose to remove the "No-index". It is important that you have completed all the required steps in the Clonable dashboard before disabling the no-index. Only after you complete these steps and disable the no-index will your website be indexed.

Can I use Clonable for my web shop?

Yes, you can also use Clonable for your webshop. Magento, Shopware, Woocommerce, Logic4 work great, and a lot of other systems as well. However, keep in mind that CMS systems such as Lightspeed and Shopify might have more limited functionalities when using Clonable, e.g. captcha codes, certain plugins, some filters, etc.

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