About Clonable

Clonable - your cloning & localization tool for website & webshops.

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How to?

Check out our handy knowledgebase

Getting started in 5 easy steps

Change the look of your site

  • 1. Changing text or words

    Words that need translating or pieces of text that you want to change? Check here how.

  • 2. Changing the logo

    A new site needs a new logo. Especially when the original logo mentions a country. Take a look at here how that works.

  • 3. Changing images

    You may wish to use other images on your cloned site. See here how these can be changed.

  • 4. Changing the header

    A header is the first thing website visitors see. Edit him for your cloned site so it better fits the new audience.

  • 5. Changing a video

    Change a video if, for example, Dutch is spoken in it; Flemish sounds better to the visitor. See here how.

Advanced: make customers feel at home

logo rocket

Do you want to change something else but you can't find the explanation above? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.